The Teachers of Tower Prep:


Art is the art teacher at Tower Prep. She has demonstrated a liking for inserting hidden messages in her paintings, such as a drawing of a bunny that's only visible under ultraviolet light.


Teacher at Tower Prep


Coach is a faculty member in charge of physical education and is the coach of the Gold Buffer team of Tower Prep


Teacher at Tower Prep and a buffer coach.

Dr. LiteratureEdit

Dr. Literature is the English teacher at Tower Prep . He introduces his class to the idea of the heroic epic and assigns them to read The Odyssey


History (also called Coach History) is the history teacher at Tower Prep  and is also the coach of the Red team in the sport buffer.


Math Teacher at Tower Prep


Teacher at Tower Prep


Teacher at Tower Prep


Teacher at Tower Prep

Wood ShopEdit

Teacher at Tower Prep and a Buffer Coach

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