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Buffer is a sport unique to Tower Prep. It is the most popular  sport played at the school, and buffer matches are broadcast through the school's closed circuit television system.


Buffer seems to be similar to street hockey, played on rollerblades in an indoor arena. Apparently, three teams play at once, and players use implements similar to Lacrosse sticks to move a ball called the "rock" to vertically-mounted goal targets on the edges of the court. In the center of the court is the Combat Zone, a circular area that seems to indicate that full-on fighting is allowed in this area. In fact, tackling, punching, and committing other physical contact to other players seems to be allowed during the game.

The game is said to involve shifting alliances, which possibly suggests that two of the teams can temporarily ally against the third. A "double loss" apparently occurs to the team that has the lowest score of all three teams.


Each buffer team is coached by a teacher. Being a buffer coach is a sought-after privilege, and teachers can lose that privilege if their team loses too many games. Buffer coaches regularly receive scouting reports on the abilities of new students, information that apparently is not given to all teachers.

Gold TeamEdit

The Gold team is coached by Coach. It is widely known as the most successful team.

Red TeamEdit

The Red team is coached by History. They have a series of losses from previous years. 

White TeamEdit

The White team was also involved in matches against the other teams. The team is very unsuccessful, it has terrible scores 

Work StudyEdit

Tower Prep has a Work Study program in which students work certain jobs around school to help train their abilities and to earn Tower Credits, a currency that can be used to buy things at the school's store.

All students are assigned a work study job, which is decided by Faculty. However, a student may quit their initial work study job if there is another job available and the Faculty member supervising accepts the student's application. 


Monitors are students at Tower Prep who have volunteered to help enforce the school rules and patrol the school grounds. They take orders directly from Headmaster through earpieces they wear. Monitors wear dark blue sweaters or black jackets instead of the red that other students wear. Like other students, monitors still attend classes for a short time.

When a student is under suspicion of a crime, they can be assigned a monitor who will watch them 24 hours a day. Monitors have also been assigned to covertly follow students, presumably under Headmaster's orders.


The Rooks are a secret fraternity that operates in Tower Prep. They wear black cloaks with raven masks to conceal their identities. Headmaster states publicly that the Rooks are unsanctioned.

Each year, the Rooks select a few new students they consider "elite" and drag them off to the Rooks' lair. In order to join, the selected students must pledge their loyalty to the fraternity with the blood oath "Live by the wing, die by the talon." Then they must drink a ceremonial drink which they call "The Blood of the Raven," which  tastes like fruit punch. Pledges or new initiates are called "squabs." The highest-ranking Rook apparently always uses the title "Odin," 

"The Blood of the Raven" contains a performance enhancing drug called Corvus H-40  that  amplifies their abilities immensely, but -- after months of use -- causes the user to become dependent on it in order for their ability to work at all.

Tower Prep Network BlogEdit

Online blog for students at the school created by Art and a few students she chooses herself.

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