Welcome to Tower Prep Edit

Tower Prep is a secret preparatory high school for students gifted with special abilities. Most of its students have been abducted and are held prisoner here, having no way to escape the school grounds. The students are told that their parents have allowed this and are aware of where their children are, although it is unclear if this is the truth.


The school's motto is excellentia per obsequium, Latin for "excellence through obedience", obviously a message meant for rebellious students.

Examples of some Special AbilitiesEdit

Note: They have to be small abilities like the ones i am about to list.

  • Preflex- The ability to see things just before they happen and react a second faster.
  • Hyper-Suasion- The ability to convince people to do just about anything with the sound of your voice. Also travels over high-frequency waves as it can be telepathically commanded.
  • Perception- The ability to read emotions by seeing micro-emotions such as nervous eyelash flickers, darting eyes, and tense muscles.
  • Mimicry- The ability to imitate people's voices, writing, posture, and other physical behaviors
  • Superhuman sense of smell- The ability to smell and recognize any scent at a distance, much like a bloodhound, it is also true that having this ability gives you the power to smell fear, or maybe just the sweat coming from someone who is nervous.
  • Microvision- The ability to see the micro level of objects without a microscope,
  • Perfect Taste- The ability to taste the tiniest compounds of materials in the things you eat.
  • Enhanced Strength and Toughness- The ability to make your strength grow for Super Strength and the ability to have a high tolerance to pain,
  • Tetrachromatic Vision- The ability to switch instantaneously between night-vision and day-vision.
  • Super Hearing- The ability to hear far-off sounds
  • Sneak-  To go through a room unoticed by the people in the room
  • Clairvoyance-  the ability to gain information about something (person, object, place and physical event) beyond normal sensory range or when physical sensors are unusable. They can also sense spiritual/psychic levels of beings

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