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Zara Angeline West
Some attributes
First Name: Zara Angeline West
Second Special Ability: Sneak
Third Appearance: Long brown hair, hazel eyes ,likes to wear hoodeies and jeans or long jumpers mainly in black or blue ,with leggings hates wearing dresses or anything pink,is short for her age ,never wears makeup
Other attributes
Fourth Personality ; A bit of a tomboy but can be girly at times, antisocial to strangers, loves animals of all kinds couldn't hurt one, gets into verbal fights a lot but doesn't like using violence
Fifth Their life before Tower Prep :Her parents loved her when she was born they were delighted when after three boys they finally got a girl. As she grew up it became obvious she was not the “pretty in pink damsel in distress type girl they wanted so they put pressure on her to be perfect .This made her angry and cause fights until there was at least one a day and everyday became torture for her

she started failing at school because she was up all night crying and all her friends left her making her a target for bullies who told the principal lies about her which her parents believed .She was almost happy to go to tower prep after all anythings better than her life at home isn't it? That's how she opts to see it anyway . She was in her room reading a book as she does everynight while listening to her new music playing thing ,she doesn't what it's called and doesn't care either as long as it can play music thats all that matters .when she heard the buzzing thinking her parents would kill her if she broke her brand new muic player as she blacked out .

'' .

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